Friday, September 2, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Recycle

August 29th was the Moonwalker, Michael Jackson's 53rd Birthday. One of the most wonderful songs which will live with us forever is "Earth Song".  This song is I think is the first ever MJ songs I've listened to, back in school.

The returning super generous sponsors is the itsybitsy

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Itsy Bitsy is offering TWO gift hampers for each challenge, wach hamper is worth Rs. 1300 and have a look at this picture to see what is in store! One Gift Hamper will go to the winner of the challenge and one more to a random participant.

The Earth Song talks about how we've taken Mother Earth for granted. How abused she is.. And MJ urges us to take a close look at the state we've left Earth in.

Now, the theme for this month's challenge is "RECYCLE". Recycling is one way to restore Mother Earth. Our small take on saving her or at least no damaging her more.

So, let us see anything recycled. It need not be a card. Get creative :). And yes, it need not be paper. We want to see ANYTHING recycled.

We would love to see these on your blog post
- Your take on how we as indivduals can help Save the Earth
- Also please post the material you are recycling and the final entry. This is mandatory, since this will help the DT to choose the Top3.
- Please read the few super simple rules on the side bar. Dont want you to miss out on the hamper. There have been a few instances where we had to diregard entries because of this.

And we have some yumm inspiration in store over the next week too - so do be back :)

Please note that the challenge closes on September 25th.

"We have one earth, let us take care of her for us and the children to come"



  1. Fantastic Jaya-- this one is really up my sleeve- In our house we are forever creating from junk-- one question though-- does it have to be paper or can it be anything under the sun to recycle and save the earth?
    Way to go girl-- fantastic theme! Big hug to you!

  2. Heya Sonia.. thanks for your question and lovely feedback :))) The entry can be ANYTHING... anything at all. need not be paper.. I've updated the challenge details..

    And when are we meeting again?? Before I become too big please :D

  3. This one is right up my alley :)
    I had been waiting for a long time for it to go live. Now its time to get busy recycling :)

  4. I went mad with this challenge.. ym first DT project and i was like :-o.. RECYCLING.. but i think I did ok...!!

  5. Jaya I would love to meet up again but I dont want to tax you to take the strain in your condition.

  6. Wao! Super challenge! It the mother of all challenges... got my head scratching... but no use :(
    Hey even I was thinking for another get together... may be a crafting session... I am all ready... but as Sonia said your health is more important... just let us knw what is comfortable for you...

  7. Thats my favorite...Recycling,Will surely to participate this time.

  8. Hey Jaya!
    What a cool theme.. I have been recycling wherever possible.. and the sponsors are from bangalore right? I stay in bangalore. Are you from bangalore too?


  9. Hey Jaya!! You know I was thinking of hosting a similar challenge with Recycle theme. I had even suggested it to Ash (ICR). But anyways, I wouldn't have got to participate myself in it :) Recycling is smthg that I do very often and most of my cards have some or the other recycled element. Posted my entry for the challenge. It has a tutorial too.
    Take care of urself!

  10. Preeti - yes I am in Bangalore... the sponsors are Bangalore based.

    Indira - loved your post :)

    Priya and Sonia - let us catch up again :) for some lunch or something... or for coffee again :D

  11. Hi Jaya ...
    I wish people would start respecting the public spaces, get to using simpler technologies ..and plant trees. Two most important things I feel in order to save the earth . Love your concept
    have submitted a project from my side too

  12. deleted my entry since it was old ...never mind ..still appreciate the challenge ..better luck next time :)

  13. Glad you like this :) Such a lot of lovely entries.. the DT is going to have a tough time deciding a winner! :)

  14. Jaya is this challenge getting you the max entries ? For me its the first time submitting so many and I have so many more ideas with so little time!

  15. Playing for the first time Jaya! Kudos to you for hosting this and keeping us so interested! :) Can see a host of amazing entries! Good luck to you and the team!

  16. Great challenge!! Please note that I have submitted 3 entries in one single post under the name of sravya at

  17. Jaya so thats my innings - 12 entries! I am amazed myself and the more amazing part is there are at least a dozen more recycling projects at home in various stages of completion. I had a lot of fun in this challenge and it was so super enjoyable!Thank You Jaya

  18. Hi Jaya,,

    This will be my first challenge ........... and I really enjoyed doing it............

  19. Doc.. you have made my life living hell.. I wish I could say I hate you for it but I don;t.. I loved the fact you made some outstandingly awesome projects...!!!