Friday, December 9, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #12: An Inspiration from Shobana

Hi folks!

Here is the last inspiration to get you thinking for our CJC#12: Holiday Favors.
Today we have Shobana sharing her project with us. Let's see what she has in store for us...
"Hi! I am Shobana, and am totally excited to share this post with you today! Many thanks to the Crafty JC team for showcasing the winners in this unique way! It is the very first win for me, where I have got the chance to share my creations this way. I started my affair with paper crafts last year, and I have always loved crochet. I am a self-taught quiller and have recently discovered the joy of quilled earrings! My style is very CAS and I appreciate all the friends I have made in blogland!

As part of the challenge #12 - Holiday Favors - I really had to think of creating something could be easily made and mass produced (if need be) and that any family, whether they celebrate Christmas or not, could have a use for in their homes. And I came up with fridge magnets! These can be made simple or complicated, as time permits, and even your kids can help!
Happy crafting and Happy Holidays too, to all of you! Wishing you a great year ahead and heres to many more Crafty JC challenges! :)"

Thanks for the wonderful idea Shobana! Aren't these totally adorable.
So please hop on to Shobana's blog and leave some love!



  1. oh i love this idea so much...these fridge magnets look so lovely...especially the snowflake...just fab!!