Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CJC Challenge #16 Winners and News

Dear girls,
Thanks for stopping by after 4 months.

I have the 3 winners for the For a Special Lady challenge

Lavina very very creative apron
Juhi' super cheerful card
Tejal's beautiful CAS butterflies

And the winner is Lavina - I was quite taken with her creativity.
Lavina - please email me and I will get the prize out to you.

Now for the news:
I'm sorry about the delay in announcing the winners. I can blame it on the new baby, getting back to work and a host of other plausible reasons... but to be honest I've been lacking the drive to run this challenge.

When we started this challenge some 2 years back, this was the the first challenge run from India. And I was super excited. We were all super excited :)

Now I see so many other fabulous challenges run by our very creative girls .. and I don't see a need to have similar challenges here at CraftyJC any more.

So, it is a good-bye to this style of challenge. Thanks for playing along till date. It has been a learning experience for me. And I hope you enjoyed your time here too.

I would like especially thank Indira Tanwar when she sooo kindly helped out when I was on maternity leave. Thanks girl :) And God bless.

As a next step for this challenge - what I have been thinking about is to have random challenges here. No pressure on you or me.. And I don't promise any prizes.I will try to get sponsors.. but..

I so love the new Swap Central our girls run. That is truly challenging. Pushes you to be more creative.

We need more challenges like that. Challenge ourselves. Get out of our comfort zones.

So, stick around if you want to do something you've never done before. Something like "Make a One layered card with the sketch found on that challenge".. or maybe "Use at least 5 layers and 5 colours"..

Or maybe another round of AWIC - A Week In Cards.. with a theme.

What do you got to say?



  1. Thank you so much Jaya! So happy to win again for this card of mine :)
    I dont think I found your email id anywhere..do let me know.


    Jaya-awaiting for more fun & playing along with u:)

  3. Thanks a lot Jaya! Its ok to take a break once in a while. You will always be the first one to start this trend in India. Your challenges have always been fun. We look forward to your challenges: prizes or no prizes, doesn't matter. What matters is that we have fun and learn from one another. I am glad we have so many Indian challenge blogs now. I look fwd to each of them every month.

  4. Congrats to the winner's..... and Jaya we had a really good time with all the challenges we played here...i know that there are quite a few Indian challenges running now in our Blogland but your's will always be the original inspiration...and like Indira says prize or no prize we would love to play along with your challenges :)

  5. Jaya your Crafty JC challenge holds a very special place in my heart ...as you say there are so many challenges out there now its confusing to keep track of it !!I still remember the blast I had in your recycle theme challenge!!
    You are one creative soul so do keep this challenge blog alive!

  6. Congrats to all the winners. I remember your challenge was the first which i came across a year back. And that time i had no idea that such craft challenges are running in India too.I have some special memories attached with your challenge blog. It was always fun participating here and yes i too agree prize hardly matters,it is fun while creating for challenges that counts at the end.

  7. Kudos to you for putting up this challenge and paving the way for future challenge sites in India! :) Yes...it is difficult to maintain the energy and spirits when life takes over. I would suggest you keep this up...as you mentioned, maybe tweak the challenges and take pressure off yourself and others...just for the sake of creating something beautiful! If possible, find like minded people who can come on board with you and share the responsibilities. We are always on the look out for creative challenges and so pls don't quit now! :) Prizes are not important but maybe you could have a badge that the top 3 can show off on their blogs.

    We all have our families and responsibilities and you can make this place a fun place to come to to share more than anything else! :) Good luck and wishing you good times ahead!