Monday, June 21, 2010

Sponsors and Amendments

Thanks girls for all the wonderful feedback and encouragement.
I've be talking to many designers for sponsors. Mostly they are Digital Designers as Sponsors.

That open up a  wonderful avenue to many of ur - if you haven't started digital stamping

I'll try and put together some details, costs and such info on how to go about digital stamping. I hope that would help.

A slight amendment. I'll pick TWO comments from the previous blog as Guest DT for the next two challenges. And hence forth the a random participant would make up the DT along with the winner. By this I hope we'd have more inspiration :)



  1. wow!!.. thats some real amazing inspiration!.. all the best for the sponsors! :)

  2. One suggestion, keep the challenge running for two weeks instead of one month. It will be faster and still give us enough time to work with it. One month is too long a time to wait for a new challenge. Two weeks would be just about right.

    P.s. don't pick my name for the guest DT! I don't have access to a printer right now. So won't be able to do justice to the digital stamps.