Monday, October 25, 2010

New challenge Delay :(

Hi yall

We've moved to Bangalore a week back. My little girl is happy in her new daycare and play group. Thank God for that.

With all this moving, I've not been able to put up the new challenge. I am very very sorry about that. I am not sure if the DT has posted it. I'll put that up very soon.

Thank you so much for your support.
Bangalore girls - can you please send me a comment?? I'd love to call and catch up :)



  1. Heya! U take ur time...Don worry.... wE UNDERSTAND & u need not hurry... I think I SAW SOMeone post their turn.... We will follow them & get to work.... U take care & A WARM WELCOME TO BANGALORE..... We can surely meet... A Small Crafters Meet.... What Say????? ;)


  2. I have not yet blogged my post.. I was waiting for your confirmation. Do let me know when you are ready to announce the theme & I'll accordingly schedule the post..

  3. Hey not to worry, take ur time. Kavitha had posted her card. We will follow her.

  4. Hii Jaya.. welocme to bangalore....where are you staying in bangalore? we stay in J.P Nagar 5th phase...