Friday, July 29, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #8: Inspiration from Dr. Sonia

We all have seen and been inspired by the highly creative and talented work of Dr. Sonia – for her much loved creativity with very little supplies. And her little girl with very nimble fingers :)

I am soo happy to have her here as DT for this month’s challenge #8 – Friends are Forever

Hi dear blogger friends, I am Dr Sonia.

Since my mother is a doctor and from  childhood I admired her work [though grudged that she had a very busy schedule ], I had always wanted to be a doctor. I have always been a bookworm and have not had any hobby apart from reading till a few years back. At home studying received the utmost importance and I was not exposed to much arts and crafts in childhood.It was London GCE O levels, then Medical Entrance preparation , the tough Medical college syllabus and again the mad race for post-graduation!


When I finished my ENT post graduation at AIIMS ,for the first time in many years I found I didn't have to bury my head in books! My crafting journey started with emboss painting while I worked at AIIMS and I found it so relaxing I embarked on my crafting journey.

When I got married and we moved to a new house there was a large empty showcase and I started glass painting to fill it up as we didn't have money to splurge on home decor and glass painting was a fun and economic way to spruce up my house! When my little one was born and showed a love for soft toys I started making soft toys and loved it though it was so time consuming. I started paper-crafts when my daughter started school and had to take theme related stuff to school.

Then there were birthdays of her kiddie friends and card making became a fun activity!So that is the story of my crafting!

Most of you know about my craft blog:

I am no expert in crafts as I have had no training in it but if anyone requires any help in ENT I am always ready to help you and guide you ,so here is the link to my ENT sites where I share information about common conditions in ENT! : and

For friendship day I am sharing a swinging spinning card.


The card stands on its own and has central spinner which rotates on a skewer a whole 360 degrees.


This card is for all my blogger friends who constantly inspire, support and encourage me.

Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal
Consultant ENT & Head & Neck Surgery
Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT Head & Neck Center,Sahakaranagar, Bangalore
Website: &

Isn’t that absolutely gorgeous!!! Loved those quilled flowers and butterflies.

And Sonia’s little girl is such a darling! :)

For more gorgeous pictures & a fantastic tutorial on the card hop over to Dr. Sonia’s blog. And also don’t forget to leave some love for her :)

And do Come back & join the fun here – us celebrating FRIENDS :))))




  1. :D.. Doc.. The head still spins.. :-)

  2. Thank You Khush just dont break another leg!

  3. wow DR Sonia your life is one big inspiration to all the youngsters out there, u seemed to have crammed in so much in so little time .its nice to have known a few more things about you.your daughter looks adorable.

  4. It was really nice to read about you.Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mother.

  5. :) It was nice to read a bit about you Sonia! The card is awesome!!

  6. it was fun knowing u better!!! and ur cards always amaze me!

  7. Thank You dear friends for the support

  8. Its a fab inspiration Sonia... Glad to meet you during crafters meet...

  9. Absolute Magic!!!That's what your works are. I have recently started making Popup cards and in the last about 45-50 days, i have made about 40 cards. The hobby is very addicting and my son loves all the magic that pours out when he opens the pop up cards. Actually, making popups started in a very casual manner after visiting your blog, and now I am totally into it.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. mi piace molto questo lavoro complimenti ,passa da me ciao da Giovanna