Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CraftyJC Unusual Wing-It Challenges: # 17 - Winners

Qn: What is Unusual about these Unusual Wing-It Challenges?
Ans: You have no clue about when the winners will be announced.

Now can you beat that?

Hello girls,
Thanks for stopping by. And I have no excuses for this late post.

I had an unusual problem. Your creativity. Why should everyone be this good this time?

The wonderful news is - we have some new crafters winning as well.
Here are the winners in no specific order
  • Megha with her Back to School Card - love those literal and figurative take
  • Hima Bindhu  with her Quilled Doll  - the first challenge? really? so beautifully executed!
  • Sathya with her Lovely Card - lovely take on the picture. and flawlessly executed too.
And I need to add these special mentions
- Dr. Sonia & little Prisha with their gorgeous woodland creation
- Sharada with that oh-so-sweet photo frame

I will send you an email with you winner blinkie..

While you are here, did you hear the news about CraftyJC's Pick your giveaway?

PS: There have been requests for this challenge to go on. I am surprise and touched that many of you really look forward to this challenge here. Thanks. You mean a lot to me.
I will post a new challenge soon. Well, soon. yes. :)