Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CraftyJC Unusual Wing-It Challenges: # 17 - Winners

Qn: What is Unusual about these Unusual Wing-It Challenges?
Ans: You have no clue about when the winners will be announced.

Now can you beat that?

Hello girls,
Thanks for stopping by. And I have no excuses for this late post.

I had an unusual problem. Your creativity. Why should everyone be this good this time?

The wonderful news is - we have some new crafters winning as well.
Here are the winners in no specific order
  • Megha with her Back to School Card - love those literal and figurative take
  • Hima Bindhu  with her Quilled Doll  - the first challenge? really? so beautifully executed!
  • Sathya with her Lovely Card - lovely take on the picture. and flawlessly executed too.
And I need to add these special mentions
- Dr. Sonia & little Prisha with their gorgeous woodland creation
- Sharada with that oh-so-sweet photo frame

I will send you an email with you winner blinkie..

While you are here, did you hear the news about CraftyJC's Pick your giveaway?

PS: There have been requests for this challenge to go on. I am surprise and touched that many of you really look forward to this challenge here. Thanks. You mean a lot to me.
I will post a new challenge soon. Well, soon. yes. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

CraftyJC Unusual Wing-It Challenges: # 17

I decided to continue with the same number series as earlier :) Sounds like a big number huh ;)

The Unusual-Wing-It challenges are help you to challenge yourself in an unusual way with based on a given launch pad. There is nothing on your face about these challenges.. you decide how you want to interpret the picture.

The winner will be decided based on how unusual the idea is based on this launch pad.

For e.g., you may use 3 parallel lines or maybe the colours or or maybe sentiments on strips.. may be even use that spot of light from my camera's flash to high light something...  (this is the last time we will have interpretations here . hehehe )

Hope you will play along. Feel free to combine this with other challenges.

Please note that these challenges will last for just about 5 days.
Based on the butterfly girl's request - we'll have this for about 2 weeks... till Nov 14th midnight.. :)


PS: Please please send me your ideas for the next unusual challenge
PPS: No DT inspiration. Dont want to pollute our thought process

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CJC Challenge #16 Winners and News

Dear girls,
Thanks for stopping by after 4 months.

I have the 3 winners for the For a Special Lady challenge

Lavina very very creative apron
Juhi' super cheerful card
Tejal's beautiful CAS butterflies

And the winner is Lavina - I was quite taken with her creativity.
Lavina - please email me and I will get the prize out to you.

Now for the news:
I'm sorry about the delay in announcing the winners. I can blame it on the new baby, getting back to work and a host of other plausible reasons... but to be honest I've been lacking the drive to run this challenge.

When we started this challenge some 2 years back, this was the the first challenge run from India. And I was super excited. We were all super excited :)

Now I see so many other fabulous challenges run by our very creative girls .. and I don't see a need to have similar challenges here at CraftyJC any more.

So, it is a good-bye to this style of challenge. Thanks for playing along till date. It has been a learning experience for me. And I hope you enjoyed your time here too.

I would like especially thank Indira Tanwar when she sooo kindly helped out when I was on maternity leave. Thanks girl :) And God bless.

As a next step for this challenge - what I have been thinking about is to have random challenges here. No pressure on you or me.. And I don't promise any prizes.I will try to get sponsors.. but..

I so love the new Swap Central our girls run. That is truly challenging. Pushes you to be more creative.

We need more challenges like that. Challenge ourselves. Get out of our comfort zones.

So, stick around if you want to do something you've never done before. Something like "Make a One layered card with the sketch found on that challenge".. or maybe "Use at least 5 layers and 5 colours"..

Or maybe another round of AWIC - A Week In Cards.. with a theme.

What do you got to say?