Monday, October 29, 2012

CraftyJC Unusual Wing-It Challenges: # 17

I decided to continue with the same number series as earlier :) Sounds like a big number huh ;)

The Unusual-Wing-It challenges are help you to challenge yourself in an unusual way with based on a given launch pad. There is nothing on your face about these challenges.. you decide how you want to interpret the picture.

The winner will be decided based on how unusual the idea is based on this launch pad.

For e.g., you may use 3 parallel lines or maybe the colours or or maybe sentiments on strips.. may be even use that spot of light from my camera's flash to high light something...  (this is the last time we will have interpretations here . hehehe )

Hope you will play along. Feel free to combine this with other challenges.

Please note that these challenges will last for just about 5 days.
Based on the butterfly girl's request - we'll have this for about 2 weeks... till Nov 14th midnight.. :)


PS: Please please send me your ideas for the next unusual challenge
PPS: No DT inspiration. Dont want to pollute our thought process