Monday, September 26, 2011

Whopping 52!!!

Phew.. we have 52 entries to our Recycle challenge. Now the DT is off to work - picking up the TOP 3. Tough job!!!!

Thanks a lot girl for your wonderful entries - each of them so creative and beautiful and FABULOUS..

We'll be back soon - with the winners.

And also lookout for the next challenge slotted for October 1st. Something super interesting!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Inspiration from Karuna

I hope you have been inspired by the lovely inspirations till now.

Here is your last inspiration for this theme Recyle. And what an inspiration from the fabulous Karuna!! Karuna has helped us all in many ways with getting our hands on gorgeous supplies easily and look look.. here she is again helping us be inspired in our little way to save Mother Earth.

Here she is!! Welcome Karuna.. :))))

"I have been on Blog Land for almost 2 years (Geeezzzz… now that’s old :D ). And most of you fairly know me well. But for the newbies, I work as a Marketing Manager (not software engineer :D) with a leading IT MNC for last 4.5 years and every free time in my schedule goes into crafting :).

Like most of us I used to hoard any kind of pretty stuff including things I felt qualified as stationary then. Making projects with shoe boxes and altering items was my favourite then since the supplies were limited. 3 years ago I got hooked onto Quilling looking at Youtube and it inspired me to take it up as a hobby. As time progressed I learnt about the various tools and techniques of Scrapbooking and Card making and yes there was no turning back! Thanks to my then ‘Boyfriend’ and now Hubby…. Siddhant helped me create a Blog. He has been my driving force to what most of you call me with love – Crafting Queen :) . Yes it was a name kept by him since for him I was the best at what I did! (Aren’t husbands the cutest!! :D)

Blogland helped me meet so many talented people and also exposed me to challenges, tips and techniques. I have made some very cute friends here and its so nice to have someone discuss the crafty things all the time ;). Bugged with the challenge of sourcing Craft supplies for myself and hearing fellow crafters whining about this issue, I ventured into having my own Craft Store. It started with very basic supplies and now I’m happy am able to get some of the most important and pretty tools and materials we are deprived of in India! The encouragement has been very motivating and I hope soon all Indian Crafters are at power on Global level!
Being a top 3 at Crafty JC has been an exhilarating feeling! I did little dance as Khushboo told me about it over a call since I check the blog on and off! Thanks Crafty JC and the DT team for picking me! However knowing that I need to make a DT project on the theme “Recycle” wasn’t really celebrating moment for me. Coz when you know your project shall be looked with judgment and alota criticality you gotta be good! And this is my first ever DT post so I have tried my best :) Am hoping its worthy of a DT project (Please be kind : ) )
Recycled Desktop Calendar

So what I did I recycle? – A CD Case. (PS- I was on vacation whole of last week and bought many old CD’s my mom was about to throw off :P. ) I took out the CD insert and painstakingly took measurements to cover all Panels. More details with pics J
The Base Material used – Before the project

And here is the After of the project

This is the cover and I used my Echo Park – For the record papers. I used a Kaisercraft Mannequin (have been dying to use this one) as base added some frill with white net we receive with flower Bouquets. Used a sequin lace for the belt and pulled some individual sequins to bling the dress. The circle die cuts as well as the sentiment are from a Glossy finish corporate flyer lying at home, its printed on the backside.

The Left side – The PP was stamped on the green side to look like a pretty background. This Panel is a “Reminder/To Do list” with sticky notes.
The Right Side – The same double sided paper again has been stamped and a magnetic snap is stuck behind. All Calendars have the magnetic snap behind the Month name and they just snap to the green panel inside :P

This is the backside with a pocket to keep the remaining calendars. All Calendars have been cut, stamped and heat embossed. The dates are handwritten. The best thing is this pocket provides a support for the case to stand even when its closed so you have the front as a D├ęcor on your table. Once the calendar exhausts you can still use it and snap some magnetic saying to the inside. Talk about long term plans :)
Phew! That’s a long post considering I took 2 days to complete it :)
Hope you all inspired to recycle some old useless item lying around your house if you havnt done so yet! And please do follow all the rules while linking your post as we hate to miss out on your awesome entries!!
Love always

Now, isn't that super fabulous! What a lot of hard work has gone into this. Thanks a lot Karuna for all the effort. It has turned out SUPERB!

Now girl, please drop in on Karuna's blog and leave her some much deserved love :)

And come back and play along with us here at CraftyJC Challenge - #9: Recycle


Thursday, September 8, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Inspiration from Juhi

This girl needs no introduction :) Now, does she!!
We have our next inspiration from Juhi.. a gorgeous.. well... scroll down to see what it is! :) And read a bit about her here too!

Thanks Juhi for providing this super inspiration :)

"Hi, This is Juhi from

Though I have been crafting for as far as I can remember, I took it up seriously after I got married into a joint family. I had nothing in common with the rest of the family’s interests when it came to TV viewing in our spare time. Being too bored I decided to do something else with my time and landed up crafting!

I am sure glad I did cause it has been a wonderful (and expensive :P)  journey! Since I started blogging I’ve learnt so much and made some awesome friends.

I would like to thank Jaya for giving me this opportunity to showcase my work as the guest DT; I admire her enthusiasm and enterprising spirit for setting up the first challenge blog in India.

For my DT project I’ve recycled a wooden partitioned box (it came as the packaging for a set of wooden alphabets).

I’ve made something on the lines of Tim Holtz/Maya Road dimensional shadow boxes (ofcourse those are much bigger than this; each partition in mine measures aprrox 1x1.25inches).

I painted the box yellow with some acrylic paint and used various knick knacks, trinkets, buttons, sea shells, broken earrings, pendants, scrap paper die-cuts etc to decorate it. The roses and butterflies are die-cuts from an old magazine; they’ve been colored with some smooch spritz and walnut ink.

I’ve put it up on my PC with the help of some magnetic tape.  I had so much fun making this….looking forward to see what you come up with!"

How super cute is that!! LOVED it! Thanks sooo much Juhi for this gorgeous inspiration. You rock girl, and how!

Please drop in on Juhi's blog and leave her some love..

And come back over here and play along at the take on this fun new Challenge Recyle.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Inspiration from Khushboo

We had 7 superb entries from wonderful, creative Kushboo for the last challenge here. Each one of the more beautiful than the others :)
Here she is with yet another classy take on this fun new Challenge Recyle

"Hi friends, myself Khushboo from Kolkata....
I was always a more hands on person than buying things from the shop... My love for art and craft dates back to school when I used to love all my SUPW lessons and my SUPW teacher was super although she would make us sew (Ugghhh)..

I started the whole scrapbook, handmade card thing while in the later years of school and followed it then on.. Later jewellery designing took precedence over everything else and I got started again when I learnt punch craft.. There has been no looking back since then..

Decided to join blog land and it has been a whole new experience and amazing to have friends from all over.. Besides crafting am a super FB addict.. you can see me online like ALWAYS.. I love reading and cooking.. and if anyone out there is willing to cook good veg food for me then i can hog continuously...Being a very enthusiastic person.. I enjoy taking part in challenges and winning one is super.. This is my first DT post so I hope I do justice to it and like the project...That's it folks.. Have a super time crafting.. and remember.. it's the participation that counts..

For my DT project have recycled old newspapers and Readers digest magazines ....

... and come up with a recycled bag..

The bag is made of old newspapers and added some packaged cardboard to give it stability.. you cannot see the cardboard as it is is hidden beneath the paper...

The die cut is made of an old perfume gift box.. the cornflowers are made of readers digest covers.. and some quilling along with bling and butterflies...

Thanks so much for the opportunity Jaya... It was a pleasure doing this.. I found it tough for it's my FIRST ever recycled project but I had super fun.. Hope you like it too..

Khush "

I am soo taken with this recycling. Isn't this superb? What wonderful creativity from a bunch of newspapers and magazines to this super chic stylish bag!!
Thanks a lot Khush for the abso gorgeous inspiration!

And now girls, off you go.. leave some love to Kushboo and come back and play along.


Friday, September 2, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Recycle

August 29th was the Moonwalker, Michael Jackson's 53rd Birthday. One of the most wonderful songs which will live with us forever is "Earth Song".  This song is I think is the first ever MJ songs I've listened to, back in school.

The returning super generous sponsors is the itsybitsy

Itsy Bitsy is the No.1 Manufacturer and retailer of the most desirable hobby and craft products in India.Itsy Bitsy specialises in Papers, embellishments and tools for Quilling, Punching, Card making, Scrap booking, Paper crafting, Jewellery making and more, please visit to know more

Itsy Bitsy is offering TWO gift hampers for each challenge, wach hamper is worth Rs. 1300 and have a look at this picture to see what is in store! One Gift Hamper will go to the winner of the challenge and one more to a random participant.

The Earth Song talks about how we've taken Mother Earth for granted. How abused she is.. And MJ urges us to take a close look at the state we've left Earth in.

Now, the theme for this month's challenge is "RECYCLE". Recycling is one way to restore Mother Earth. Our small take on saving her or at least no damaging her more.

So, let us see anything recycled. It need not be a card. Get creative :). And yes, it need not be paper. We want to see ANYTHING recycled.

We would love to see these on your blog post
- Your take on how we as indivduals can help Save the Earth
- Also please post the material you are recycling and the final entry. This is mandatory, since this will help the DT to choose the Top3.
- Please read the few super simple rules on the side bar. Dont want you to miss out on the hamper. There have been a few instances where we had to diregard entries because of this.

And we have some yumm inspiration in store over the next week too - so do be back :)

Please note that the challenge closes on September 25th.

"We have one earth, let us take care of her for us and the children to come"