Saturday, September 3, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #9: Inspiration from Khushboo

We had 7 superb entries from wonderful, creative Kushboo for the last challenge here. Each one of the more beautiful than the others :)
Here she is with yet another classy take on this fun new Challenge Recyle

"Hi friends, myself Khushboo from Kolkata....
I was always a more hands on person than buying things from the shop... My love for art and craft dates back to school when I used to love all my SUPW lessons and my SUPW teacher was super although she would make us sew (Ugghhh)..

I started the whole scrapbook, handmade card thing while in the later years of school and followed it then on.. Later jewellery designing took precedence over everything else and I got started again when I learnt punch craft.. There has been no looking back since then..

Decided to join blog land and it has been a whole new experience and amazing to have friends from all over.. Besides crafting am a super FB addict.. you can see me online like ALWAYS.. I love reading and cooking.. and if anyone out there is willing to cook good veg food for me then i can hog continuously...Being a very enthusiastic person.. I enjoy taking part in challenges and winning one is super.. This is my first DT post so I hope I do justice to it and like the project...That's it folks.. Have a super time crafting.. and remember.. it's the participation that counts..

For my DT project have recycled old newspapers and Readers digest magazines ....

... and come up with a recycled bag..

The bag is made of old newspapers and added some packaged cardboard to give it stability.. you cannot see the cardboard as it is is hidden beneath the paper...

The die cut is made of an old perfume gift box.. the cornflowers are made of readers digest covers.. and some quilling along with bling and butterflies...

Thanks so much for the opportunity Jaya... It was a pleasure doing this.. I found it tough for it's my FIRST ever recycled project but I had super fun.. Hope you like it too..

Khush "

I am soo taken with this recycling. Isn't this superb? What wonderful creativity from a bunch of newspapers and magazines to this super chic stylish bag!!
Thanks a lot Khush for the abso gorgeous inspiration!

And now girls, off you go.. leave some love to Kushboo and come back and play along.



  1. Kudos to you khush... What a wonderful idea of recycling... one have to scratch her head hard to think about this super gorgeous project... Thanks alot for the inspiration!

  2. Lovely project Khush!!!looks AWESOME!!!

  3. good one khushhboo really liked your recycled project the bag looks so pretty.thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Sooo beautiful!.. Count me in! :D
    And you looking soo pretty in the pic! :)

  5. Khush you look like a princess in this photo! Fabulous creation too

  6. this is awesome Khush!!! i could nt imagine recycling news papers would give such gorgeous bags!