Monday, October 29, 2012

CraftyJC Unusual Wing-It Challenges: # 17

I decided to continue with the same number series as earlier :) Sounds like a big number huh ;)

The Unusual-Wing-It challenges are help you to challenge yourself in an unusual way with based on a given launch pad. There is nothing on your face about these challenges.. you decide how you want to interpret the picture.

The winner will be decided based on how unusual the idea is based on this launch pad.

For e.g., you may use 3 parallel lines or maybe the colours or or maybe sentiments on strips.. may be even use that spot of light from my camera's flash to high light something...  (this is the last time we will have interpretations here . hehehe )

Hope you will play along. Feel free to combine this with other challenges.

Please note that these challenges will last for just about 5 days.
Based on the butterfly girl's request - we'll have this for about 2 weeks... till Nov 14th midnight.. :)


PS: Please please send me your ideas for the next unusual challenge
PPS: No DT inspiration. Dont want to pollute our thought process


  1. Hi jaya,
    All excited about ur new challenges! nice to c u back in action!

  2. Thank God you're still keeping this up...can't wait to play...but pls keep it for 2 weeks..lazy bums like me need more time!! (Does pretty pls help? )

    megha jain

  4. Jaya!! SO happy to see you back with a challenge.You have the most fabulous ideas ever..always playable and yet challenging! Yes as Tejal said time is a big factor with us Indian crafters though with this one...I am already swimming with fun you Jaya!

  5. Yay :0 A new and fabulous I need to rake my brains :)

  6. Hey! Super idea Jaya! Welcome back! :)
    And yes...two weeks is a great idea! Maybe even a monthly harm! Too much going around these days and quality takes a hit. Best wishes!

  7. good to have u back...and I like the fact that there are no DT inspiration and total freedom of ideas.....too good a challenge...will definite play this one n thanks for extending it...

  8. Good to see the challenges back here! Keep it up Jaya!

  9. Jaya we made one just for your comeback challenge.Had super fun!Thank you!

  10. Hi Jaya, Linked my project...Crafty JC is always special to all crafters..Nice to have u back, Jaya!

  11. Thank you very much for the challenge Jaya :) I have linked my post for this challenge. This is my first participation in any such challenges. You helped to bring out the creativity in me. Thank you :)

  12. Hi jaya, This is my first time participation here, i never knew that you run a challenge blog,i admire your creations when you were participating in the challenges. i was thinking why you were not participating from last few weeks as i have never seen your entry, and now with a challenge blog, thanks hope will participate in the future too. hope my entry qualifies

    kavitha vadhri

  13. Hiee Jaya.. this is the 1st time I am participating in any challenge online and its yours and am so excited.I just loved your Challenge which inspired me to start blogging and participating. Hope my entry qualifies and u like it.