Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guidelines for posting challenge - Please Read

Please refer to these points while posting a challenge
- Please link new entries only to be fair to other crafters
- Please refer back to the Challenge in your entry post and post a link to the Challenge post. It helps other visitors to join the fun
- Please link to your actual post and NOT your website's home page.

PS: Thanks Sasmita for the suggestion :)
In case of any questions - please feel free to ask :)



  1. Yah! It's important to link back the challenge post (URL). It helps other visitors to join the fun!

    CraftyJC, you can add this guidelines to the challenge post itself(by editing). Sometimes, visitor search only chalenges & reach/read to the challenge post only!

    Following you!

  2. hey, just wondering if the winners of the winter challenge been announced... did i miss something?