Thursday, November 3, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #11: An Inspiration from Dr. Sonia

Hi Friends!! This is Indira Tanwar from Arty Sorts. It gives me immense pleasure to host this challenge on behalf of Jaya.

This time around we will be having 4 DT posts as inspirations. They are the winners of Crafty JC's Challenge #9: Recycle.

First up is an inspiration from one of our most loved blogger buddy Dr. Sonia. Over to her...
"Hi friends I am Dr Sonia. I had an absolute blast during the Crafty JC Recycling
Challenge as recycling is something I am very passionate about. Thank You Jaya for
that awesome challenge. For my DT inspiration too I have a recycling project!
I have already been featured as DT on this awesome blog so I feel a bit awkward
writing about myself again but we have to follow protocol!

As most of you know I am an ENT Surgeon by profession and for me crafting is a
stress relieving hobby more rewarding and relaxing than watching TV or sleeping!.
Blogging has been a roller coaster ride and I am continually amazed at the
generosity of my blogger friends and that people actually want to follow my blog!
I seem to enjoy sharing tips and tutorials on things I am no expert at so that the
novice like me can benefit from my crafting adventures. Since like all mothers I am
proud of my little one-- I do now and then showcase my kiddos work too on my
blog! I love my mischievous Doggy too-- maybe soon I will start blogging about
him!![Then I will really lose some followers I bet!]

So if you have not gone away yet here is my inspiration - I recycled some cardboard
from a box into a DIY homemade Photo frame. I chose Color Palette #1 showcasing the colors burgundy red, yellow and green."

What an amazing inspiration!! Thanks Dr. Sonia. You continue to surprise us with your fabulous creations every time.

So what are you all waiting for!! Gear up, and show us your ever so charming stuff.
And don't forget to hop over Dr. Sonia's blog and leave some love!



  1. OMG!! Sonia - you've left me speechless here :))) This is absolutely gorgeous. The paper is beautiful and the slowers are soooo pretty. Wonderful wonderful creation :)

    Thanks a lot for the inspiration :)))

  2. oh this is absolutely beautiful,the flowers look gorgeous you have used the color pallette so well...this is making me nervous!!!what a fab inspiration from you:)

  3. This is so beautiful doctor .... Loved the way you have used the colorway..........

  4. absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you make those flowers and this color combo rocks :)

  5. This is absolutely GORGEOUS Sonia!!Loved your paper roses and the colour combination you chose is fabulous.

  6. Thank You Jaya I am thrilled to be DT this time as your color combos are gorgeous and it will be fun popping by blogs to see what our friends create.
    Hussena no need to be nervous your crafty hands will churn up beauties even if you keep your eyes closed!!
    "Kraft Angle" Thank You I loved the color combo too
    Ujjwal Thank You -- I enjoyed making the flowers inspired by our own Anita Punchcraft Queen!
    Archana Thank You -waiting to see what magic you will do with fabric!

  7. Sonia ji it is the flowers ....really nice...

  8. Sonia this is so b'ful! Love those roses... and all the decoration you have done on this... Very pretty photo frame...