Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Challenge 5: Mallika's Inspiration

If you were wondering about the lack of inspirations in the challenge here it is - showcasing each of the winners from the past 2 challenges to provide an inspiration - one inspiration a day

And here I present Maillika  to you. About the card and and about her - in her own words :)

"Now  a little description about my card -

I practically made this card at 4 in the morning . Well this is my first ever try for Christmas card .I have quilled the Christmas tree,used mosaic squares for the small squares .

The patterned paper is internet download and all the edges are distressed by using simple stamp pad . I have used some colored pearls .I  love this festival and every Christmas I love gifting goodies  to my friends ! Yes ! yes ! i will be posting a candy soon on my blog .Do take part . 
Happy Crafting !!

Hi Girls !
I am Mallika ..an  Engineering  Under Grad  who has least interest in any part of this  engineering .It is my passion and love for art and crafts  which has bought me all the way to BlogLand !  

All the time I am free I love to craft .It  was like in Sept 2010 when I entered this card making world . My cards are bright , fun , whimsy and full of fine details throughout .I trust people because there is good in all of us and it takes a lot for someone to loose that trust . I appreciate  smaller things in my life which earlier I use to take for granted . I believe in believing myself . My life has never been a fairy tale but whats the harm if I believe that one day it will be a fairy tale. Besides crafting I just loved getting myself photographed. Yes ! I get dramatic at times . I sing ( pathetic ) , I dance ( sheila ki jawani ) , I laugh , I cry on small things . My life has always been a roller coaster ride with loads of ups and downs. I was sent to boarding school ( Scindia ) when I was mere 12 .Till then I have always stayed in hostels ( they can be scary at night ) , which simply implies I HAVE LOADS OF FRIENDS AND I LOVE THEM A LOT .6 months back I was suffering from an addiction called Facebook and now I am suffering from Card Making addiction which is doing some good and gives me personal satisfaction .
My blog Address -
My Fb Page - http://www.facebook.com/aola1989
Thanks  for stopping by !"

Isn't that card soo beautiful!! Loved it! Now, off you go and please leave some love to Mallika :)

And do join in the Brrrrrrrrrrrrr fun. And play to win some very nice goodies :)


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  1. great work, like the quilled christmas tree n that sweet little birdie too. Thanks for sharing.