Monday, July 18, 2011

CraftyJC Challenge #8: Friends are Forever

Hello All,
Welcome to the next challenge here. The last challenge was wonderful.
We had awesome Inspirations and sooo many wonderful entries. Thank you for your inspiration :)
Please see this post for Challenge #7 winners

This month's challenge is the theme "Friends are Forever".
July 30th is declared the International Friendship Day. Friends day is also  sometimes celebrated on the first sunday of August.

Once you make the card, do send it out to your Friend to show how much you care :) This is ALSO a part of the challenge - just our two bits to spread some love :)
[Edited] You can send the card to anybody - not only to fellow crafters. You don't need to send the card right now. You can send it later too :)

The sponsors are the wonderful and generous itsybitsy

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Itsy Bitsy is TWO gift hampers for each challenge, wach hamper is worth Rs. 1300 and have a look at this picture to see what is in store!
One Gift Hamper will go to the winner of the challenge and one more to a random participant.

Now, off you go show some love to your "Forever Friend" :)

And we have some yumm inspiration in store over the next week too - so do be back :)

PS: please read the few super simple rules on the side bar. Dont want you to miss out on the hamper.


  1. hi jaya,
    i have a question regarding this friends forever challenge ,u have specified that the card which we are entering for this challenge should to given to a my question is does it have to be a blogger friend or can we give it to a non- blogger too?please clarify.

  2. hi jaya this time challenge is so special as its about friends thanks for this super challenge just enjoyed making a card for it.

  3. this one's for the lady who commented above me..:-)

  4. Aww .. how awfully sweet Crafterkhush :))

  5. Thanks Jaya... You'll be seeing a lot of entries from me for this challenge.. cards for a few really special blogger friends and non-blogger friends on the way.. :-)

  6. ok got a second entry....yipee..... hopefully wld come back for more ;)

  7. Hi Jaya, I have included 3 entries in one post, so I have linked one directly to my blog and rest two have been linked to the images....if this doesn't work pls let me know !

  8. I had to relink my entry since the previous link did not direct to the correct post.

  9. okie i think I missed out the rule on mentioning who am sending to,.. So I'll make it here as a comment and post it...
    Card#1, the circle flip book went to Karuna... Card #2 Octofish goes to my dearest buddy Monty.. He loves undersea creatures and seafood..:D... card #3 with the bear.. One is sent to my dear blogger friend Jovita and one is for my dear non-blogger friend Saba...Card #4with that cutie bear is for blogger friend Shalini...Card #5, the funky babes . the two of them.. one went to blogger friend Chhavi and one for my dear SIL... Card #6 with the precious moements image went to blogger Ash.. and card #7 is for another non-blogger friend called Shreya.. :-).. Done for the day,, so far...!!

  10. hi !!i had put it up in a mail n i post it here too -regarding d recipient of my scrapbook,well its for a schoolfriend of mine whom i lost touch with for all these years n suddenly stumbled upon on my recent visit to my hometown calcutta ,its a surprise for her so cannot mention her name now !!!!